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Winter Maintenance Gritting Policy


Winter Maintenance Period

During winter months Broadland Business Park has a prioritised maintenance procedure in place for Salting and Snow Clearing. The maintenance season starts from October to the end of March annually and is carried out Monday-Friday not including bank holidays.


This Gritting Policy details the measures taken by Broadland Business Park to ensure safe passage as far as is reasonably practicable. Between the months of October and March, the Met weather forecast will be checked daily. Gritting will be based on the guidelines provided by MET weather forecast. A final decision will be made by 15:30 the previous day as to whether gritting is required the following day. Gritting is carried out at approximately 06.00am. Depending on the weather conditions a second grit may be carried out late afternoon.

Every time it snows, the response is adjusted to meet the circumstances. Therefore, decisions that need to be made at the time will be based on the prevailing conditions. Decisions to treat roads/ pathways and car parks are taken carefully to ensure road and pedestrian safety, but also to avoid unnecessary gritting.

Gritting responsibility

The ownership and therefore responsibility of the roadways and footpaths throughout the business park fall into two categories.

PUBLIC ROUTES – These are the main roadways and footpaths that run through the business park and are the responsibility of Highways. These are highlighted pink on the attached site map. These include;

1. From the Old Chapel Way Roundabout down Old Chapel Way to the turning circle by the bus stop

2. Broadland Way

3. Peachman Way

4. Memorial Way

5. Cranley Road

and all associated footpaths along these roads. These are the responsibility of Highways and will be gritted in accordance with Highways winter gritting policy. This is not under the responsibility of Broadland Business Park.

Highways do not grit from the Old Chapel Way roundabout, along Old Chapel Way to the bottom of the hill to Lakeside 200/Lakeside 300 (shown pink on the attached plan). They do not grit the public footpaths through the park, these are the ones that run alongside the lake and in between the Lakeside buildings (the ones employees often take to Sainsbury’s).

Highways will only grit priority routes. Highways do not grit footpaths and do not include Memorial Way or the Highways section of Old Chapel Way.

There are two grit bins on Memorial Way and 2no grit bins installed at the top of the footpath by the road entrance to Bankside 300 and at the top of the footpath between Bankside 300 and Lakeside 500. Highways will fill the grit bins with salt. The grit bins can be used by the public to grit the footpaths.

The Broadland Business Park Estate Management recognises that the footpaths and cyclepaths through the business park are an integral route for many employees. Where possible, once all private routes have been gritted, sufficient effort will be made to use the grit bins to grit the Highways footpaths.

The private routes as detailed below will be gritted in accordance with the Broadland Business Park Gritting policy.

PRIVATE ROUTES – These are the privately owned access routes to tenanted buildings and are the responsibility of the Broadland Park Management. These are highlighted green on the attached site map.

These include;

Lakeside buildings

1. Access road from the turning circle on Old Chapel Way to Lakeside 200, 300, 400 and 500.

2. The slabbed areas immediately around the Lakeside buildings

3. The car park and car park bays

Bankside buildings

1. Access road from Peachman Way to Bankside 100 and 300

2. The slabbed areas immediately around Bankside 300 building only

3. The Bankside 300 car park and car park bays

Park Grounds

1. The slabbed area around the Waterside building, the decking area IS NOT gritted. This is

because salt will have a detrimental effect on aquatic life in the lake.

2. The stone steps and footpath from Old Chapel Way to Aviva Reed House

3. The Bankside stone steps from footpath to Peachman Way

4. Access roads only from Cranley Road roundabout to DSA and Data Centre.

5. Access roads only from Old Chapel Way to Costa and Greene King

Exceptional Circumstances

In the event of heavy ice and/or snow, the car park and car park bays will be cleared of snow/ice as much as practicably possible. In the event of deep, heavy snow and sustained sub-zero temperatures, gritting has limited or no impact. Efforts will be directed toward the most suitable course of action e.g. clearing snow for pedestrian safety/ cars stuck on roadways.

Under special agreement with Highways and Postwick Parish Council, two Grit Bins were installed at the top of the footpath by the road entrance to Bankside 300 and at the top of the footpath between Lakeside 500 and Bankside 300. These are public grit bins and can be used by general public to use in the local area.

Footpaths and cyclepaths are excluded from the Highway gritting policy, however the purchase and provision of grit bins allows public the opportunity to grit the footpaths. Please make staff and visitors aware that Highways do not grit the public footways.

No matter how accurate the forecast, there are situations where we cannot pre-salt the roads prior to icy conditions. Such conditions are:

• When rain is followed by rapidly clear skies, salting will start after the rain has stopped to avoid the salt being washed away into the drainage system.

• The temperatures can fall as much as 5ºC per hour and the wet roads may well freeze before we have chance to grit them.

• When dawn frosts occur on dry roads and early morning dew develops, this falls on cold roads, and then freezes on impact. It is impossible to forecast with any accuracy where and when it will occur.

• When rain turns to snow coinciding with the start of a normal (Mon – Fri) working day, early gritting cannot take place as it would be washed into the drainage system.

Reporting Problems

By telephone

• Office hours 01603 304022

• For urgent problems outside of office hours please contact 07770 614406 (Estate Manager)

By e-mail

For incidents or complaints relating to any Highway areas, please follow the the link below.

For incidents or complaints relating to any private routes or general park queries, please email


Prepared by: Joanna Thornton

Reviewed on: 19th November 2019, Version 12

Next review: September 2020