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Broadland Business Park

Broadland Business Park boasts a diverse habitat, evident by the installation of bat, bird and owl boxes around the Park. Its abundance of wildlife includes moorhens, wagtails, magpies, mallards, foxes, rabbits and herons, drawn to the Park by the lake, natural planting and mature woodland.

In addition to the birds and mammals that frequent the lake, there is also a plethora of insects, including damselflies and dragonflies, which all add to the rich tapestry and the ecological diversity at Broadland Business Park.

The landscaping at Broadland Business Park is designed to integrate the developments within the existing landscape whilst introducing flora and fauna that would attract native species and encourage the establishment of a variety of habitats. A tree survey is carried out annually to assess the health of the trees and any trees that require felling are replaced to ensure the consistency of tree lines and woodland copses.

The Memorial Gardens on Memorial Way, home to a Polish War Memorial, provide space for quiet contemplation.