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Are you property hunting in and around Norwich? Why not call in the experts and let Kirstie & Phil help find you your ideal home? Channel 4’s ‘Location, Location, Location’ is coming to Norwich and have asked us at Broadland Business Park to help find property hunters. You can apply now
Whether upsizing or downsizing, buying a first flat or hoping to find a dream forever home, the producers of Location, Location, Location would love to hear from you. The Channel 4 TV programme been going for almost 20 years now, and for the last series they had a very high rate of accepted offers. So it does work!

There is a dedicated team working behind the scenes and clocking up over 300 hours’ worth of searching for all house buyer(s) that participate. They work very closely with estate agents and offer a credit on the show for every agent that provides them with a property shown on the programme. It’s prime time Channel 4 and one of the most watched shows on Channel 4 overall, therefore it is a good platform for publicity.

They are also able to take on searches which have very specific requirements and therefore encourage people of all ages and all types of property hunt on the go to apply.