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Lucas Fettes, based at Lakeside 500 on Broadland Business Park, has launched its summer food bank to support children and their families during the summer holidays when there is extra financial pressure and increased demand for emergency food supplies.

The firm is seeking support and donations, including from colleagues all over Broadland Business Park, and have put together a list of the best things to donate.

DRINKS: Powdered milk, long life milk, long life fruit juice 

MEALS: Pasta sauce, tinned tomato/potato, tinned meat (e.g. ham/corned beef), tinned fish, instant mash, pasta/rice 

TREATS: Tinned/long life sponge pudding, tinned custard, tinned rice pudding, chocolate, biscuits 

FRUIT & VEG: tinned carrots, tinned peas, tinned green beans, tinned fruits 

OTHER: Cereal bars, snack bars, jam, peanut butter 

CASH: Prefer to donate cash? Lynne or Kerry at Lucas Fettes will do a shop for you! 


The food bank runs from 1st June – 1st July 2019.
If you want to pick up an extra item (or more) when you do a food shop, and fancy donating this, Lucas Fettes would really appreciate it. 

Please drop any donations to Lynne or Kerry at Lucas Fettes, Lakeside 500. If you have any questions, contact Lynne or Kerry