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Off-peak restrictions will affect some traffic using the A47 Postwick junction next Monday and Tuesday (15-16 February) while surface remedial works are carried out on the old bridge over the A47.

The work involves the planing out and relaying of strip of the road surface along the eastern kerb of the bridge, and this is only possible with the closure of the bridge to south-bound traffic. This needs to be carried out in full daylight to avoid damaging traffic signal detector loops in the road, so the south-bound closure will be in place from 9.30am to 4pm each day. The restrictions may be extended into Wednesday 17 February if it is not possible to complete the work. The diversion will be via the Postwick Hub slip roads and the new bridge.

Traffic on the A47 itself will not be affected, but the 50mph speed limit needs to remain in place while various remedial works are carried out to maximise the life of the new structures and reduce the need for future road works and traffic restrictions.