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Dealing with Difficult People
Thursday 19th October 17.30 to 20.00.
Waterside Café, Broadland Business Park, NR7 0WG

Even a productive, apparently efficient business-unit can suffer from the results of unhealthy conflict.

If an organisation is to be truly successful, it must first learn to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy conflict, then learn to prevent and control unhealthy conflict. Although we cannot immediately change the way another person chooses to think, this course will show delegates how to use their influence to modify the behaviour of others.

The evening is an interactive session based around Jungian psychology and Insights Discovery which is a way of looking at people as different colours and how we can respond to them by understanding ourselves and pretty much coming to the conclusion that it is up to us to change in order to gain a response in another person.

Tickets priced at £20 and include a light buffet and drinks and bookings can be made via the WIBE booking website.