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Businesses were able to give first hand feedback to Norfolk County Council on how they used the Postwick Hub as part of their daily commute and where amendments could be made to further improve traffic flow. The following action points have been provided by Norfolk County Council: 

Notes from Broadland Business Park breakfast briefing, Wednesday 27th January 2016

Issues raised:

Joining the A47 westbound

1: Mismatched speed of joining traffic compared with fast A47 traffic. A 50mph limit on the A47 would reduce accident risk.

2: Two lanes of traffic coming down from the junction to join the A47. Risky manoeuvres, under-taking at speed, etc.

Response: This has been picked up and the two lanes are to be merged, with merge arrows, so that a single lane of traffic joins the main A47 westbound carriageway.

Hold-ups over old bridge to old roundabout

1: Would a dedicated left turn solve that problem?

Response: Yes, this is already being considered as a way of improving flow thought the junction.

2: Wouldn’t a link road between the new roundabout and the old roundabout simplify the junction?

Response: All these issues were thrashed out at the public inquiry. It’s already possible to go two ways – via the access roads, or via the two bridges.

Queues at Oaks Lane roundabout

Response: Still settling down, so may diminish. Removing queues across old bridge from roundabout may also help (see above).

Difficulty navigating junction, finding businesses

People have difficulty finding the right part of Broadland Business Park

Response: We will review signage.

Lack of footway along western side of Broadland Way

Many Aviva staff come from the park & ride car park on foot. Their safe journey time could be halved with a pavement along the west side of Broadland Way.

Response: We’ll look into this.

Is a rail halt being considered?

Response: Yes, it’s a longer term possibility that’s recognised in strategic plans, both for Sheringham and Gt Yarmouth lines. Problem is capacity.

Postwick and NDR: Could staff briefings, say half an hour at lunchtime, be given at significant businesses

Response: Yes, we would be willing to do that.

NDR: Could more be done to reach people who don’t use social media or electronic comms?

Response: Yes, we’ve got another round of staffed exhibitions coming up and will be publicising these on the ground, as well as in e-media. We will be developing materials for making available at good local distribution points. Will investigate shops and supermarkets.