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Travel planning for Broadland Business Park tenants and occupiers.

Travel planning for Broadland Business Park tenants and occupiers.

Every year, Broadland Business Park conducts an annual travel survey of all the businesses on site. This is part of a wider strategy with Norfolk County Council and helps to identify where efforts can be concentrated to improve the local infrastructure. This gives tenants and occupiers a vital opportunity to record how they travel to work and provide feedback on how services could be improved. It provides a snapshot of the reasons why employees choose their mode of transport and how their work patterns/shifts/commitments determine their mode of choice.

This is a mandatory survey rolled out by Norfolk County Council and Broadland Business Park has an obligation to provide this information as part of planning permission and all the businesses on the park are required to comply with such obligations.

Business Travel Pack – for occupiers and tenants to utilise for their new employees, existing staff and visitors.

Travel Plan Guidance – A template that can be overwritten for occupiers and tenants to generate their own Travel Plan.

Overarching Travel Plan – for Broadland Business Park.

For general transport information for bus, train or cycle please click here.

If you need any further information, help or guidance, please contact the Estate Manager, Joanna Thornton on 01603 304022 or by email.