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From despair, loneliness, isolation, and the stress caused by the inability to support family or see loved ones, to depression, bereavement and loss, the Covid-19 crisis is causing some profound and long lasting mental health problems for many people. 

Based near Norwich, the Mobile Mental Health Support Unit was set up at the beginning of 2020. They offer an on-site mental health support service to businesses and organisations keen to promote and support positive mental health within their workplace. 

Robin Barratt of the support unit says: “Many employees feel uncomfortable talking to a colleague, their boss, HR, or someone within their own working environment about their personal problems, especially if mental health related. So, whether just one morning a month for smaller businesses with just a few employees, or one or two days a week for much larger companies and organisations with a much larger workforce, our services provide employees with a private, independent, confidential place they can just turn up to and talk over the personal difficulties and challenges they are having both during the pandemic, and with everyday life in general. We are key health care workers and, of course, conform to all social distancing, health & safety and safeguarding measures.”

The Mobile Mental Health Support Unit charges from £30.00 an hour. Employers can contact them via their website or on 07508 833433.

Robin adds: “Whether your employees are at still at work or furloughed, if you would like to support them in this crucial way, please contact me.”

Individual employees can also contact the Unit.